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Author Members of the Copyright Agency will soon vote (2021) for a new representative on the board of directors. If you are not already a member, you can join here

Please consider Chris Pash: 

The Copyright Agency needs directors with the expertise to make sensible commercial judgments on behalf of Members. 

The mission of the Copyright Agency is fair payment to creators. It’s all about maximising returns for Members. 

Chris Pash, a working editor and journalist, combines creative credentials plus experience and success at extracting maximum value — dollars — from words. 

The long-time MEAA member, author, editor and chief executive, has started and brought to profit businesses based on rights management of content. 

He has extensive governance experience and is a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. 

He knows the workings of the Copyright Agency, previously serving a term as an Australian Society of Authors-appointed director. 

And he has championed the interests of writers, as a director (10 years) and chair (2 years) of the Australian Society of Authors, and director (4 years) of the newspaper body PANPA (Pacific Area Newspaper Publishers’ Association). 

And he has a successful commercial record with content, starting as the founding CEO in the 1990s of the joint venture company Asia Pulse, building a profitable business creating and licensing news to databases, financial platforms and media monitoring firms. 

At Factiva, a Dow Jones and Reuters joint venture, as Director of Content Strategy, he built the world’s deepest and most extensive database of news and information from Asia Pacific, sending millions of dollars to content creators. 

And later, as Director of Content Licensing for Dow Jones, he negotiated commercial licensing agreements with the biggest publishers and broadcasters in Australia and Asia. 

His book, The Last Whale (Fremantle Press 2008), a narrative nonfiction account about the Save the Whale movement in the 1970s and the last days of whaling in Australia, is based on his time as a cadet journalist at the Albany Advertiser, Western Australia. 

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