Cliche of the Week 29 – Revolving door

December 12, 2010 at 10:43 pm Leave a comment

(This week’s phrase was submitted by Chris Donnolley of Hong Kong)

Life is a restless revolving door as we endlessly swap or discard our business leaders, sports stars and entertainers.

Journalists use revolving door 400 times a week as they try to describe the search for success; creating a winning sports team, a revenue-creating chief executive or a politician who follows the shifting centre of power.

Soccer: “But the move prompted a chaotic period in the club’s history which ultimately resulted in relegation from the Premier League as the revolving door at St James’ Park spun with increasing velocity.” (The Irish Times, December 9)

Basketball: “Winder is the latest to exit what has been a revolving door for imports at the 36ers in the past few years.” ( The Sunday Mail, Adelaide, December 5)

Politics: “There are supposedly strong Senate strictures against revolving-door lobbying abuses and quid pro quo dealings.” (The New York Times, December 6)

Crime: “The sentencing Green Paper will aim to stop the revolving door of crime . . .” ( The Evening Times, Glasgow, December 7)

Business: “Among Wall Street firms, Goldman is mentioned much more often than Morgan Stanley for having a revolving door for executives . . .” (The Wall Street Journal, November 18  )

Cliche of the Week  appears in The Australian newspaper Mondays.

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