Cliche of the Week 14 – Pleased to Announce

August 29, 2010 at 11:29 pm Leave a comment

I am pleased to announce the result of a study that will empower communications going forward.

Being pleased adds little meaning. The reader will quickly determine the state of emotion of those making the announcement from the facts presented.

And the fact that this is an announcement — management appointments, new products, and acquisitions and mergers — will be obvious, but not always pleasing.

In a study of 685,000 press releases issued over three months, the phrase ranked the fourth most-used from a subjective list of 100.

“Pleased to announce” is inserted into corporate messages to the media 5000 times a month globally. In Australia, it’s about 60 times a week.

The top three words or phrases used in press releases globally are in order: leading; innovative; unique. The next is “pleased to announce”, followed by substantial, optimise, award-winning, world-class, next-generation and milestones.

The best strategy is to look for those announcements where someone is displeased to announce. These will be newsworthy.
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