Cliche of the Week 13 – Cut Through

August 22, 2010 at 11:44 pm Leave a comment

Cutting through the clutter of politic-speak feels like digging a shallow grave with a laser pointer.

While football players cut through the defence to score goals and marketers dream of cutting through the masses to reach the right audience, politicians struggle to cut through to win headlines and secure votes.

“Julia Gillard has struggled to cut through public concern about Labor’s June 24 dumping of Kevin Rudd” (The Australian, August 9).

“Certainly, Mr Rudd’s critique on Thursday as to why Mr Abbott should not be prime minister had more cut through than the one-dimensional approach adopted by Ms Gillard” (The West Australian, August 7).

Australia’s politicians could have followed a recent example of headline grabbing in Ireland.

“One story that did cut through, though, was when Family First, a right-wing Christian party, tried to arrange a preference swap deal with the Sex Party, which is the political wing of the porn industry.” (The Irish Times, August 9).

Cut through is found in mainstream Australian media around 50 times a week.

(‘Cut through’ as it appears in the global media, according to Dow Jones Factiva.)

The Cliche of the Week column appears in The Australian newspaper Mondays.

“The more meaningful the message, the more likely it is to cut through the clutter and capture the customer’s attention.” (Chief Marketer magazine, August 1)


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